KAL Capital Markets (KAL Capital), a specialized investment banking company, is pleased to announce four transactions in 2017.

“We’re very thankful to all of the firm’s clients and very proud of those transactions announced publicly during 2017. In particular, we’re pleased that our clients completed transactions with leading firms such as The Carlyle Group, Norwest Equity Partners as well as private investors including Watson Family Investments and Holder Family Investments. We believe KAL Capital’s deep relationships materially enhanced valuations of the transactions announced and in crowded capital markets, relationships with private investors or family offices has become increasingly important,” Ryan Murphy commented.

When asked about KAL Capital’s outlook for 2018, Trevor Bohn replied, “The firm saw the number of transactions in development increase dramatically towards the second half of 2017 and we’re expecting 2018 to get off to a very quick start. With certainty on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act now in hand, entrepreneurial clients of the firm are finalizing decisions on their capital and liquidity needs. Additionally, we experienced publicly traded companies increasing their willingness to pay more for acquisitions late last year and those first quarter announcements should set the tone for the year ahead.”

Founded by long-term partners Trevor Bohn and Ryan Murphy, KAL Capital serves entrepreneurs and private equity fund managers with companies in the middle market. The firm’s professionals assist clientele on all aspects of mergers, acquisitions and accessing the capital markets, with a focus on the Aerospace & Defense and Industrial Growth sectors.

For additional information on KAL Capital’s transactions, professionals or perspectives, please visit the firm’s website at https://kalcapital.wpengine.com

KAL Capital Markets is a boutique investment banking company that advises middle market clients on mergers, acquisitions, and accessing the capital markets. The firm’s professionals have an exceptional track record, rooted in deep relationships and experience in several industry verticals, with a focus on companies in the Aerospace & Defense and Industrial Growth sectors. For additional information, please visit KAL Capital’s website at https://kalcapital.wpengine.com.

KAL Capital’s vision is to be the top provider of investment banking services to companies who are best in class and desire a liquidity event or have a need for growth capital. Situations range from raising private equity and debt capital to fund acquisitions, to advising on a full sale to a public company. The firm will delivers that vision by staying true to the three pillars of KAL Capital; Optimize Strategy, Execute Relentlessly, and Exceed Expectations.


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